Constance Schiano


Choosing to work with Freya was the best decision I have ever made. You not only get a beautiful website, you get something that is highly functional and the feeling of empowerment when Freya teaches you how to use it.


The experience of working with Freya was...

SO AMAZING.  Freya was ON IT. She literally took every single thing I wanted and made it a reality in the most painless way possible.  It literally was the easiest, and most rewarding experience I have ever had working with anyone (not kidding).


The 2 week design process was...

The easiest thing on the planet and a DREAM.  Anyone else I had considered hiring had 2 month design processes.  Freya makes you feel special and she is SO INVESTED in you and your business for 2 weeks that it feels really special!

What specifically did you like most about my service?

How you acted like a badass and got everything done in 2 weeks!  There was no waiting game and no guessing game, you got everything done and you did it in a timely fashion!  

Also I adore her, the way she looks at the world and it's apparent how invested she is in her clients.  And it makes you feel GOOD. Like you've got a friend who is rooting for you and your business to succeed.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working together?

How easy it was!  My past experiences with website design were nowhere near as fruitful, on time, productive or easy.  Freya made the process easy and FUN.

How I feel about my website now is...

It's a magical beautiful unicorn and the confidence this has given me is indescribable. Freya has designed something I am proud of and am proud to show to people. It has made me feel legitimate and I am so happy!

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