My Top 3 podcasts to keep inspired

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Having a good podcast is like having a good friend always sharing great valued conversation with you whenever you want.

They say “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” (Jim Rohn) and seeing as my podcasts more available to hang out on demand, I tend to be with them more regularly than my friends. Plus, they are my no. 1 source of business inspiration (I would love to say reading is but come on, who has that much time?!)

My top 3 podcasts:

1. Radiolab

Radiolab was the first ever podcast I started listening to. They are experts at digital storytelling, weaving you on a sonic journey through the personal and science all mashed together. I can loose myself for an hour and be totally immersed in a different world and someones experience. They are the such pioneers for podcasting and honestly, I’ve found it so hard to find anything better.

Listen here

2- How I built this

I see this as my business school as I have never gone to business school. Plus Guy Raz is one of my favourite interviewers of all time (he also does the TED radio hour) I mean, the guy is a total legend.

Our culture is so obsessed with the overnight success and so much of the time we just see the success of someones work but not the hardship and failures they've had to go though before their big break. How I built this exposes the human journey behind the big name and how each persons journey is so unique.

Listen here

3- Armchair Expert

A new one for me but I’m now obsessed. Dax Shepard is so funny, honest and upfront and chats all about the messiness of being human.

The podcast has two different styles of interviews: Experts on Experts, where he interviews a (you guessed it) an expert! The other style is him interviewing brilliant actors.

I tend to only listen the the Experts on Experts episodes of the podcast firstly, as they are 2 hours long so a real dedication and secondly, because he I’m really not that great at knowing any famous actors so are constantly like ‘who/what..?’ when they are chatting about that world.

Listen here

Got any suggestions for me? Send them over!

Speak soon, Freya x

*Please do excuse any typos! Spelling and grammar were never my jam and life’s too short to stress over it. 


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