Pastel Colour Palettes Ideal for Wedding Photography Websites


This week, I’ve been playing with some muted pastel colour palettes that would be ideal for wedding photography websites. These are my favourite types of sites to work with as you really are having to design around how best to make the photographs stand out so I thought I’d share with you a quick guide of how I do this.

4 simple top tips for choosing a colour palette for a wedding photography website:

  1. Make sure the colours of your palette match the colour tones of the photos.

  2. Always with design, less is more, yet harder to create. Add, then take away.

  3. Mostly always, use an off black / grey for the typography.

  4. When you think you have added enough white space, add some more.

Don’t forget to pin the colour palettes for future reference!

Freya x

palette no.10.jpg
palette no.07.jpg
palette no.08.jpg

*Please do excuse any typos! Spelling and grammar were never my jam and life’s too short to stress over it.