Nature Infused Life Coaching Website Design for Jean o'Connor

Squarespace Website Design by Freya Rose Tanner for Jean oconnor.jpg

“Finding Freya was like uncovering a little Desert Rose in the endless sands of web development!”

“First off, she’s the most beautiful person, and who wouldn’t want her wonderful energy to touch any of the projects that are important to you! 

She’s super professional and amazingly sensitive, highly creative yet perfectly structured, organized yet flexible, listens to needs and comes up with solutions, has an aesthetic sense that melts perfectly into her technical skills... What more could you ever wish for??? 

She’s also developed a super impressive pre-development process that forces clients to dig deep and really gain clarity on what they are offering, formulate it in a meaningful way and structure ideas into a bite-sized funnel. This process ALONE was completely invaluable! 

Freya super-charges those who are already “out there” dancing on the net, and hold the hands of those who are yet to be by nudging them and their projects out into the world with great care and authenticity” — Jean o’Connor

Squarespace Website Design by Freya Rose Tanner for Jean oconnor.jpg
Squarespace Website Design by Freya Rose Tanner for Jean oconnor.jpg

The 2 week design process was...

Very well thought out and pre-structured - perfect timing... The only way I can think of describing it is "slow" web design... FAST.

How I feel about my website now is...

I LOVE this little place we have created... I feel it captures who I am, what I have to say and what I want to give to others through helping them in their daily lives... You understood everything I wished for before I even formulated it.

Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?

Sitting on the fence is no place to live... First off, it gets bloody uncomfortable after a while, secondly there's already sign to your right that says: FREYA IS THE RIGHT WAY! So take it already ;o)

Anything else I need to know?

Never forget how brilliant you are! Your work goes FAR beyond web creation... it touches peoples lives in ways you can only imagine - and not just the people you are creating for, but all the others who will enter into their worlds through the portals you create.


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