How I became a Squarespace website designer

How I became a squarespace website designer Freya Rose Tanner.jpg

Well hello there! 

I thought I’d introduce myself in a bit more detail as this is my FIRST ever blog post! Ekkk! 

I’ve been wanting to start one for a while but you know, when it’s your own biz, there are some things that just stay at the bottom of your list until one day you wake up and go ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’. 

So if you don’t know me personally, I thought I’d give you a little intro to how I ended up running my own website design business. 

Honestly, I NEVER thought I would go into something like this. It’s only until you look back can you see all the dots connected. 

When I finished my BA degree in Design Management & Cultures I really had no clue what my next step was. Luck would have it, a super supportive cheerleading best friend Skyla Grayce knew of a great Inspirational Life Coach who was looking for an assistant. And you know what I said? 

Oh, I won’t be good enough. 

My confidence was on the floor, I felt lost and totally unsure of my ability. 

But low and behold, I was picked up like a pice shiny gold found in the rubble and shown just how bight I could shine!

For the next two and a half years I grew the business and massively grew myself. I was so supported to approach problem solving how I wanted to which allowed me to discover it for myself, rather than having top down management show me what was right and wrong. This led me to be extremely creative with approach to things. 

Like any small business, I really looked after most areas: 

Social media management, content production schedules, filming, editing and producing online course videos and youtube self help videos, I organised photoshoots and sets, dealt with customer service, ran live events, ran online events, managed brand sponsor relationships, managed the online course production, ran sale funnels, email marketing campaigns, managed a team, create a membership website from scratch (!!!), launched and book, and ran a launch party for 500 people on regent street, you name it! I’ve done it! 

I loved having such a wide range of areas to manage and working with such a wonderful team. In October 2017 we ventured to LA to grow our community. I spent three months out there and when I came back, something had changed. Everything that used to fit just didn’t anymore. My house, my job, it all just wasn’t right anymore and it was time for me to take a leap of faith. 

So in January 2018 I found myself without a job, without a house, and without a plan…! 

Luck would have it that a few months before, I had been asked by a friend of a friend if I could help make their website. I had made my mums (no.1 supporter lol) the year before, so I knew a thing or two and agreed to do it.

I totally fell in love with website design. I loved how intuitive and instant the design experience was working with Squarespace and so chose it as the platform to work with. 

Though Squarespace can be very intuitive, it can also be the most confusing and frustrating thing when you are trying to work out to do something and can’t figure out how! This led me to constantly reading others blogs and how to’s. 

And then I discovered Paige Brunton.

Paige Brunton is the most joyful sparkly human being who happens to be the queen bee of Squarespace ‘how to’ blogging. Reading her blog posts made me feel like I was hanging out with a friend , having a good time and totally kicking ass at finding solutions to my Squarespace issues. 

Chance would have it that she was launching her brand new course SquareSecrets! If you are thinking of creating or learning how to become a Squarespace designer, Paige’s courses are EVERYTHING. Seriously, don’t hesitate for a moment! 

Geared with more knowledge and experience I started working on a few websites here and there but was still a nervous wreck. Would what I made really be good enough? 

I didn’t even have the confidence to launch my own website!! I was a website designer that didn’t have her own website! Crazy, I know.

So in June 2018, my good old bff and I took ourselves off to Bali to get brave and get launched! 

Getting up online and starting to chat to potential customers, what I soon learnt was many people can say they want a new website, but being committed (and laying down some cash) to a new website were very different things.

The cogs were slow starting up, but soon people started to hear about me and like my approach. And I loved it. I loved working on websites non stop. I was obsessed and still am! 

I’m now in full flow and it brings me so much joy to be working supporting so many incredible women with being seen online! 

Naturally during this whole process I have learnt so much and felt I wanted to share with others that knowledge which is what lead me here to this blog so let’s see how this all unfolds.

Do write in if there is anything you want me to cover and I’ll be seeing you soon ;) If you are interested in coming along for the blogging ride, sign up below and I’ll let you know about my next blog when it comes out.

Freya xo

*Please do excuse any typos! Spelling and grammar were never my jam and life’s too short to stress over it.